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Site Info

Here, you little foolish students, may learn about our Slytherin Review team. Please ask questions I would love to see what you Gryffidors would have to say, HA! In the mean time, what is found here shall be information on us and the site itself.

Main Page -|- Site Info

Updates: What's new to the site.

About this Site: Why we started this site.

FAQ: Frequently Ask Questions and 10 points from any student who didn't know that!

About the Reviewers: About each of the three of us, and a little about the characters we use.

What we DON'T do.

Contact Us: We're working on it.

We need to do:

- About each reviewer (3) and something about the character.
- find email urls
- spell check.
- Set up review index.
- Set up link dir with credits.

-How we review
-what we look for
-review something

April 13, Friday. 2001