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About this Site

We are obligated by the headmaster to tell you something of why we are here. Further questions can be asked in the FAQ.

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Why we're here: The Slytherin Review team was not formed as part of that irritating "let's review everything" fad started by the younger anime fans across the internet. In fact there is only one force that has brought the 3 of us together:


If it was not for the simple fact of those fools who don't ask help with their HTML or images, if it was not for the fact they didn't read carefully enough to get correct information about the books and end up spreading rumors, if it was not for the fact that they assume to much, we would not be here now. Granted there are good pages out there, but with all the riffraff they are hard to find.

That's why were here, to sort through the trash and possibly *snear* help the few people who need to correct their information and improve their html skills.

As far as our page is conserned, please notice we've tried to keep the number of pointless images down to a minimum. Only what we need to make our layout and that's about it. No huge title banners for each area of the site. Not a bit of java script unless it's in the counter. Not a single Potter image stolen from another page, and lots of useful information!! If you are going to make a page, please have a goal in mind. This is all the difference between a great page and just another waste of space.

April 12 2001