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Soup Recipes

Soups have to be my all-time favorites. They can be cold, hot, fruity, meaty, clear or so thick you need a fork. Some are very easy to make, others are extremely complicated. Here are soup recipes that I have tried for myself, so I will be able to help you with them if you need it. I'll also list where it was used, and any changes that were made that you may wish to consider. Remember, these are not set in stone. Half the fun is playing around and seeing how much you can change things. Feel free to experament!

About twice a month I make some sort of soup. I find it's a very good way to use up veggies and some of the other things I've built up across the kitchen. And they are very nice to have on hand, easy to re-heat and make a fast meal.

+ French Veggie Soup Non-traditional Cream of Chicken

+ = vegetarian recipe