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Slea Head
Drive, Co. Kerry, Ireland International Education

Welcome to "International Education." A page for English speakers to learn more about the world around them. I will try to provide the best detail I can. I enjoy heavy research, and helping others to learn. I am seeking to provide information on climate, geography, geology, religion, economy, customs, culinary, history, and current states of the countries I intend to research. My current direction of study is Romania. This kind of study does require a great deal of time, but here is the list I plan to sort through, eventually. And when I get everything placed up, I will even document my sources.

Canada, Denmark, England, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Scotland, Romania, Russia.

This page was made for Internet Explorer, if you have trouble viewing html, text, images, or anything else. Please contact me at All information presented here is for use of the public domain. I will site all of the sources I used, to allow you to consult back with those to verify or properly credit the information on this site (for school reports, etc). Tripod in no way influences my research or opinions, they only allow me space (thanks guys!).
This site was created on March 31, 2002, by Zero.