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Suggested Reading

This is a list of suggested reading material for those who are interested. Some of it will be a list of my culinary text books. Others will be a good read all in all. The one I've heard most recommended lately is "Soul of a Chef" about how life is in the food service industry.

Don't forget, sometimes a great buy on expensive cook books can be found at local Borders or Barnes and Noble book stores, look in the sale bin and the damage crate selections. Keep an eye out at the used book sellers around your area too! Julia Child and Emeril could be waiting for you.

Note: For anyone who would like more information on these listed books, or other culinary resources, feel free to contact me! I can assist you with press information, publications dates, and to a point, where to find them.

Baking Books:

Title: "The Village Baker"
Author: Joe Ortiz
What it's about: "Classic Regional Breads from Europe and America." A good source of information on how artisan (old world classic) breads work, examples of shaping and baking. Includes recipes, color photos, and many diagrams. Also, techniques in braiding and decorating dough. This book was my "Artisian Breads" text book.
Fount it at: School book store, but you can find it online or at a local Borders. At least my local store carries it.

Title: "Professional Baking"
Author: Wayne Gisslen
What it's about: From the 'Le Cordon Blue' Academy, a book all about baking! From savory yeast breads, artisan classics, to frozen desserts. This book will probably have what you are looking for. I currently own the 3rd edition. It contains lots of recipies, photos and suggested presentation, English and metric measurement. And don't forget, how to cook it. Not a singular resource, but a good start! This is my required "Baking I" text book.
Fount it at: The school book store, but you can order it online from Amazon.

Ethnic Cook Books:

Title: "Japanese Cooking"
Author: Emi Kazuko
What it's about: "Traditions, techniques, ingrediencts and recipes." This book is best for what things are in asian cooking. It taught me the names of vegetables that I find in my local asain markets. It even goes into differant grades of tea and rice. Very handy for the 'new to Japanese cooking.' Like me!
Fount it at: On sale at Borders.

Healthy Cooking Books:

Title: "Great Recipes for You and Your Family"
Author: American Diabetes Association
What it's about: While not a completely gourmet cook book, this is very helpful in planning meals for a diabetic in the family and keeping the rest of the household eating well too. The recipes are quick, helpful and interesting. I have a diabetic I cook for and often use this book as a base of something a little fancier. But it gives me an idea of exchanges as well as suggestions for a nice dinner.
Fount it at: Used book store.