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My Food Images

110 - There is a substantial directory at school containing a great deal of pictures from classes that have not be placed online. So far I will place them here when I procure them. Don't feel bad, I'll have all my messy pics here too, next to my successes. A show of what NOT to do.

Lyonesse Potatos, CLICK ME to see the big one This blurry image (Thanks, Kathleen...) is classic "Lyonesse Potatos" I'll have to double check the spelling on that. It's actually a really good recipie. Boil some whole potatos. Let them cook. Caramellize some fine chopped onions in a pan with some butter. Then saute thinly sliced potatos in the saute pan with the onions, and let it brown for as long as you like. I expect to rediscover the recipie in one of my folders (it's around here somewhere). My garnish for the image was a few well placed chives, sauted green bell pepper and some gruyer cheese. It melts the best over hot food. This was developed in Lyon, France.

124 - Garlic Spinich Puff Pasteries, CLICK ME to see the big one