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About Me

Well, I'll probably add more when the time comes, but for now I'll tell you a few things.

I am a culinary student, I wasn't always a cook, nor enjoyed cooking ... In fact, I live with my father and didn't do ANY cooking until I was at least 17 years of age. Even then, if it wasn't instant I wouldn't have a clue what I was doing, or even care. As long as I wasn't stuck with the dishes. However, in a house with any male the female is going to end up doing them anyway.

When I went to college my first major was Horticulture. I had a lot of house plants, I think it made sense, at the time. I had a friend in culinary and she was encouraging me to join her there. The thought of a real kitchen and trying to know what to do just made me panic like there was no tomorrow. So stubbornly I resisted.

A year later, I ended up joining her. Plants just weren't my thing (mine are all dead now). And I'm very happy!!

Cooking is part of me now in a way I never thought possible. Part of the reason I started my "diary of a chef" thing. To share with people what it's like. It's not easy at all, and I'm not fond of challenges, but it's also very inspiring to be able to do the things I can do. When I got my first congratulations, on a meal well done, I had never felt that way before. I was suddenly able to make people happen in new ways! Good food does amazing things for friendships.